Tips for Light Bridal Makeup

When we think about bridal makeup, we usually think about a bride with heavy makeup and dressed-up from head to toe. But bridal makeup does not always have to be heavy. Light bridal makeup can also do wonders. Here are few tips for light bridal makeup:

Cheeks: Blush up those Cheeks

  • Stick to a rosy brown shade which is just a tone darker than your natural skin color. Use this as a cream form blush.
  • Keep another blush, preferably a pinkish shade but in pressed powder form.
  • Apply rosy blush with an angular brush in a diagonal manner.
  • Tap the rose powder gently on the cheek bones.
  • Finish the look with a compact dabbing across the blush.

Eyes: Lining those Pretty Eyes

  • To make your eyes stand out and look stunning, use the eye liner not just on top of your lashes but also on the lower side of the upper lash. This is called tight lining the top lash and will make your eyes look naturally black and thick.
  • Finish with a slight lining on the lower lashes.

Lips: So Natural and Pink

  • Do not wear nudes.
  • The Camera catches colour better.
  • So you can play around with shades of pastels or light colours like pink.
  • The trick is to appear natural yet beautiful.

Face: The Top Sheen Of The Bride

  • Do not use a compact on your entire face. Let the natural oils on your face add to the shine and glow.
  • But if your skin is very oily, then puff compact all over the face but in a very restrained fashion.
  • If you have dry skin, then do not forget to add some fine silvery glitter on the chin, over nose bone, forehead and apples of the cheeks.

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