Tips for Finding the Perfect Bridal Shoes

In an Indian wedding, the groom’s shoes are the most important pair to lookout for. But that does not mean that bride’s shoes are not important. A bride should also choose her pair properly so that they are comfortable and goes well with her bridal dress.

  • First, choose your wedding outfit and carry a swatch of the fabric when you go shoe shopping. Have a peep into a minimum of 4 stores, to see the variety and then choose the one you are 100% sure of.
  • Take someone along – your mother, sister or friend, to help in guiding you and giving constructive advice.
  • If you’re not comfortable in really high heels but want a bit of added height, consider lower kitten heels or when tired, slip into flat sandals or ballerinas.
  • Steer away from stilettos for an outdoor wedding. Pointed heels do not work well in grass, sand, or soil. Opt for wedges and platform heels as they’ll give you good support on uneven terrains.
  • When shopping for bridal shoes, shop towards the end of your day as our feet tend to swell over the course of the day, and that’s when your feet are largest.
  • After you purchase the shoes, walk with them around the house so that they adjust to your feet. If you are dancing on your sangeet, practice in them as well.
  • Don’t forget to carry a handful of band-aids just in case you land up with shoe bites.

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