Makeup tips – Essential for Indian Brides

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Wedding is the most significant and special day in a woman’s life and you need to look your absolute best. It is that long awaited day where you don’t want anything to go wrong, so here are some useful makeup tips for Indian brides so that you can look flawless on your big day.

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The basic step is to match your makeup with your outfit and jewelry which are heavy, so a soft makeup look would balance all the three together.

1) Cleanse

Indian brides prefer to wear bold and bright makeup for their marriage functions. Therefore, to keep your makeup intact all day long you need to cleanse your face well so that all traces of dirt and oil are removed before applying any makeup.

2) Moisturise

You should never skip the step of moisturising your face in order to even out your skin tone and remove any dryness . The application of moisturiser will give your makeup a smooth base to be applied on.

3) Prep up the base

Use a primer so that your makeup can last long and for avoiding it to smudge all over the place. Apply the primer after the moisturising your face and blend it well so that your skin soaks in all for a smooth base.

4) Colour correct and conceal

You can use a green colour corrector to hide the redness and fix the discoloration on your face or an orange corrector for dark circles . Then you can apply a concealer with yellow undertones or a brighter concealer to cover the blemishes over the corrector as well as highlight your face for a natural within glow.

5) Foundation

You can now layer your face with a foundation you like which has full coverage and has the capacity to stay on for long. You need a good foundation in this case so choose wisely and avoid foundations with SPF in it as it would give flashbacks in your photographs.

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6) Bronze

Bronzing your face adds warmth and shadow to your face so that your face looks sharp and sculpted. You can use a matte bronzer as a contour and go over your cheekbones, forehead, corners of the nose bone and jawline to cancel double chin. You can also use the same product with a light hand and add some bronzing shade above your contour which is near you ear to make your face look super carved.


You can either apply a compact to set your foundation in place or if you want your makeup to be light yet glowing, you can use a translucent powder to bake your concealed areas. You just have to pat some powder under your eyes and below the contour and remove it with a brush after your eye makeup is done.

8) Blush

You can now apply a blush on the apples of your cheeks to add that flush of colour. Depending on your outfit you can either go for a peach blush or a pink blush.

9) Highlight

You can now add some highlight or a bright shimmer eye shadow like gold or silver to highlight the highest points of your face like the bridge of your nose, cheekbones and cupid’s bow.

10) Eyes

Brides in India prefer to have a gold eye makeup with smokey effect for the longest time in history. The gold colour matches mostly all the colorful outfits and also adds some sparkle to your face. You can apply some brown eye shadow on your crease in a wiping motion, and then place a little black on the corners of the eye and then blend it out with your brush. Then you can place your favorite golden eye shadow in the inner corners of your eye and blend again to avoid any harsh lines.

You can now add a jet black eye liner to line your eyes with a winged style and go over with a black kajal on your lower and upper water line and smudge it out with a brush.

Apply the same highlighting shade on the extreme inner corners of the eyes and below the brow bone. Fill in your brows with a brow powder and add a transparent brow gel to keep it in place. Finally, add fake lashes to add drama to your eyes and apply a light mascara to finish your lashes with a super curl.

11) Lipstick

You can go for colours like red, maroon or pinks that would match most of the bridal outfits. To make your lips appear fuller you can either line then with a lip liner outside the natural line, add some gold eye shadow to the center of your lips or top your lipstick with a lip gloss.

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