8 Pre Wedding Bridal Beauty Treatments

Many girls start their bridal preparations days (even weeks) before the big wedding day. Pre-wedding treatments are now common and essential part of bridal beauty treatment. Here are 8 pre-wedding bridal beauty treatments that a must for every bride:

1. Full Body Waxing: Arms, Legs, Back

Waxing is considered to be the easiest and the most effective way to get that buttery smooth and fresh body skin which is going to last typically anywhere from 3-5 weeks, just what you need for your wedding day and thereafter for honeymoon. Adopt this method as soon as possible if you haven’t and let your skin get used to the process.The wedding wax should ideally be scheduled 3-4 days before the big day which would be enough to settle any minor skin problems that might occur due to the process.

2. Threading: Eyebrow shaping and Facial hair removal

The eyes are the most expressive part of your face, hence you need to dress them up accordingly. Neatly groomed and shaped eyebrows add grace to your expressions. Get your eyebrows/ upper lip threading done just 2 days before the wedding while threading of hair on other parts of the face must be done at least a week before.

3. Body Massage: Relaxing Bridal Spa

With all that pre-wedding stress around you this is just what you need to shed off all the exhaustion and stress. A relaxed mind consequently brings out the best in your skin. Where body massage boosts blood circulation and nourishes the skin.

4. Pedicure and Manicure: For that Bridal Bling

It is needless to mention the importance of giving special attention to the hands and feet when you are a bride no matter how much you neglected them all these years. Regular manicure and pedicure sessions at an interval of 15 days would surely keep your hands and feet beautifully soft and nails healthy.

5. Hair Treatments: Straightening or Smoothening

In order to avoid split ends, regular trimming is important. Deep conditioning treatments also help to ensure healthy tresses. If your hair is coarse, dry, frizzy and so unmanageable that you are never happy with it then hair smoothening or straightening are the options worth considering.

6. Body Polishing: Exfoliation and Tan Removal

This spa treatment simultaneously exfoliates and massages the skin bringing a youthful glow all over the body. It is just like a facial for the body! A single session takes about 60-90 minutes and rewards you with beautifully smooth, silky skin.

7. Hair Spa: Head Massage, Deep Conditioning, Blow Dry, Styling

After the chemical treatments, your hair demand some nourishment as well. Regular hair spa treatments not only cure problems like dandruff, dryness, dullness , hair fall etc. it also comes with a relaxing massage that is quite a pleasing experience by itself.

8. Bridal Facial: According to your skin type

Regular course of facials ensures deep cleansing, removal of dead cells along with black heads and white heads, better blood circulation and simultaneously makes your skin bright, firm and soft. Just any facial may not suit your skin.

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