5 Different Colors for Wedding Dress

Selecting the wedding dress is the most important part in any brides’s wedding shopping. But now color red is way too mainstream for a wedding dress and is equal to boredom as well! No one wants to be a predictable bride, the easiest way to set yourself apart from the mainstream brides is to choose a different color for your wedding dress.
Here’s five colors other than red for your wedding dress :

  • Golden

Golden is the Bridal color for this year. It is the color which will make you glow throughout the wedding. Now there are many lehengas  with golden color as the base to choose from depending on your style. This color looks specially good on Indian skin tones.


  • Pastel Pink

Pastels colors go very well with the Indian skin tone then why not choose a pastel colored lehenga like pastel pink but while choosing this color make sure to keep the whole look is very subtle and don’t opt for an updo hairstyle.


  • Blue

Warm colors like blue helps in intensifying the look of a person. Who does not love this color ?? Blue is one of the bridal colors which help to make you look bright. Do you know that few colors make a person even more photogenic? Blue is one such color.


  • Bronze

Bronze is one of the most gorgeous color for your wedding dress. Bronze colored wedding dress should always be complimented with mineral or subtle makeup. Combinations are the key to wear bronze. On the wedding day it’s obvious to get loaded with jewelry  but avoid the Jodha style necklaces or queen styled ornaments or any other type of huge jewelry that does not make your lehenga highlighted and also looks shabby and over loaded.


  • Orange

If you are a true fashionista you would have read many articles from random sources on how orange is no more a bold color, isn’t it? Then how can we miss out orange from this list? Fresh bright orange with some citrus shades helps to neutralize the lehenga which absolutely goes well with the Indian skin tone. Things to remember is don’t use much gold over it, designer jewelry goes well with the dress.


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