10 Things to Put in Your Emergency Bridal Kit

A list of few handy things a bride can keep in her bridal kit on the wedding day for small emergency situations.

1. Lipstick

The one the bride is wearing. Even the best of lipsticks don’t last for more than 6 hrs and if we go buy the normal punjabi wedding time table, it will be gone before the baraat enters. The baraats here dance for atleast 1 hour at the gate + 1 hour for the ribbon cutting ceremony where the head sarwali (maid of honour) negotiates with the groom on the shagun (money) to let the baraat enter.

2. Safety Pins

Safety Pin is the most important thing in the entire wedding. You can catch your chachis and mausis running around asking every second woman “safety pin hai?”. Plus the bride may need it to adjust her lehenga/palla.

3. Baby Oil

Or any anti-septic cream. The bridal jewellery is way too heavy with a mang tikka, nathni (nose ring) popping out of nowhere. So keep a cream handy in case there is some allergy.

4. Perfumes or deodorants

If your sweat producing glands are extra hard working!

5. Makeup remover

To take care of smudged kohls and mascaras.

6. Hand Sanitizer

Self explanatory.

7. Spare flats

You might not to want to wear high heels in the waiting room while waiting for your man to sweep you off.

8. ENO

For immediate gas relief. You never know.

9. Straws

Everybody over looks that tiny thing. Keep straws handy to drink without messing up your lipstick.

10. Hair Spray

Because the bride’s hair are the most difficult to fix if anything goes wrong. So just keep a fixing spray handy.

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